Twilight Imperium: First Impressions – Diplomacy and Death Stars

I cannot say enough good things about this game. Luke reviewed this on the weekend and the review is awesome. Take a peek and see if the game is right for you.

Personally I love it. It does take a day to play or a place to leave the game up, which is what we normally do.

I rank this as one the my top 10 favorite games.

Thanks Luke for the review.


Start Your Meeples

At 9.30am on Saturday 3rd February 2018, we started playing Twilight Imperium for the first time. At 10.30pm on Saturday 3rd February, we finished. It is a big game.

IMG_0043-1209x1612.jpg Twilight Imperium board mid-game.

What is Twilight Imperium?

Twilight Imperium is a stellar conquest game for 3-6 players in which the players take control of a species of alien looking to find their own way in the universe. Throughout the game, they need to gain victory points through completing objectives about conquest, economy, diplomacy, or technology.

To facilitate these different types of playing experience, the game is split into a few rounds. First, you choose a tactical strategy for that game turn out of 8 special abilities – these give you the option to change how you play each round, with secondary abilities available to those who do not choose it. Next comes the actual tactical movement/building/strategising phase, in which players…

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8 thoughts on “Twilight Imperium: First Impressions – Diplomacy and Death Stars

    1. The Game is incredible and we all love it. I can remember coming home with it like a little kid all excited. I quickly read through the rules and set it and did a mock game with just me and by Day 2 of owning the game we a full table of people gathered around and arguing about where we were going to order pizza from. It was a long amazing day. There are not a lot of games that just bring it to the table and captivate a group of friend like this game did.

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      1. I can relate to that – although the lack of tablespace dictated pizza – we could eat it standing up 🙂 it is one of those games and I think there are so few of them, especially of this scale.

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      2. Agreed. Haha we were all standing up to eat as well. I think the only time a game came this close to being truly epic for us was an older game called Titan. If you look that one up it was a all day game as well if you actually wanted to really finish it.

        It still comes out on big game weekends.

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      3. That one is on the list to purchase soon. Like you I love table top games and so does the family of nerds to live in our house LOL! Fan favorites are still Ticket to Ride and Catan.

        We are also huge TTRPG gamers. I started the kids with D&D when they were really young and not both are in their teens and still playing 7 years later. I think we will also be picking up Battling Unicorns as well. It’s on the list. My son is extremely into Starfinder right now and I run a couple of groups in that as well. Everyone loves it but I’ve homebrewed the entire setting a bit to suit player needs.

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      4. Catan is a favourite in our house as well. My girlfriend hates Ticket to Ride, but I adore it 🙂 I was raised on AD&D, and now still play that with my Dad. We also play the old Space Opera RPG and D&D v.5. Trying to get him into Fate right now as well. Great games.

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      5. Fate is really good and easy to pick up and learn. Savage Worlds is another good one. I was raised on basic D&D and played just about every system that came out. My Top TTRPGS’s back in the day were D&D, Traveller, Shadowrun, GURPS, and anything Star Wars. After 38 years I’m still loving my hobby.

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