Is Betrayal At House On The Hill a Good Game?

If you were thinking about trying something new, here is a suggestion. I’ve played a few times and although I, personally found the rules a little difficult than what is stated the game was a great group experience.

I would play it again just for the B-Movie feel of the game. I’m a huge B-Movie fan which made the game even more fun.


Start Your Meeples

A few months ago, I wrote an article about whether Catan can be considered a good game or not. I tried to approach the question as mathematically as possible, comparing it to two games that everyone knew. Those were Monopoly and Chess. The conclusion was simple – yes, Catan is a good game.

In the comments section, it was actually suggested (by iplayedthegame) that another review was done, this time asking the question: Is Betrayal at House on the Hill a good game? The idea being to remove all emotion from the piece and just ask the question straight up, relying on data for an answer. That was four months ago. I’m a little bit behind the ball but today we will ask that question once and for all.

Is Betrayal At House On The Hill A Good Game?

Okay, so for this we are going to…

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