D&D 5E – Combat Cheat Sheet

What an amazing tool for D&D Combat.

Dungeon Master Assistance

A thanks to seddonym over at reddit for his original post HERE, and to mikr_ack for putting it in this very useful format HERE.

And a big thanks to Nicholas for turning me on to this. He also wanted me to share these sites that he found useful:

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Tag the Sam in your life!

This came up on my Facebook feed as a memory. I wrote almost 7 years ago but it still relevant today. Thought I would share it here.

Thought of the Day!

It has been a really busy week with driving around trying to make it to Karate class, getting the kids on time, or trying to make a meeting at church. Sometimes we rush around and forget about slowing down to take things in.

Last night once again I was rushing from Karate to church for a meeting and wham! I get stuck with a train. This of course irritated me to no end. But after a minute or so I calmed down enough to sit back and relax. I had a piece of music from the Lord of the Rings sound track playing. This got me thinking about the book/movie and all the wonderful things it can teach us about life. After all, it looked like a 10 minute train.

It was not just a grand tale about hobbits and adventure but a tale of fellowship and hope. Each one of us needs hope to get us through the day and the storms that life brings. Each one of us has a ring to bear or we know someone who has one. As Frodo climbs the mountain at the end of the story the ring has slowly taken away his will to carry on. The ring which has to be destroyed has weighed him down for his entire journey and Frodo falls to the ground and gives up hope. His good friend Sam with strength greater than his own picks up Frodo. Sam can not carry the Ring but he can carry his friend.

Take the time today to thank the Sam in your life that carries you and in return be the Sam for someone else who needs you. Hope can be restored one Sam at a time.

Happy New Year

Wanted to acknowledge this huge social community that it out there. From the Facebook game pages, discord channels and the family of folks on Twitter.


You are all amazing and have enriched my life this past year. Through you podcasts, blogs, art, streamed games, and friendships. Your creative talents and kindness have made this last year beautiful. Not to mention the thousands of dollars raised this year for various charities.

Some of you I’ve had the chance to play with this year, and if life calms down, I’ll get the chance to play with more of you in the next year.


With the new year coming in fast, I want to thank each of you for everything you do. Through the struggles and bad days, a lot of you have stood up for each other and supported those around you even when you down yourselves.

You bring joy and laughter to the world through everything you do.

With the New Year upon us I look forward to everything you will accomplish and share.

Happy New Year and all the best to you!


D&D 5e spells by level

Ronny linked donjon’s amazing spells tables with clickable links to your favorite spells.

Dungeon Master Assistance

donjon.bin.sh is an online collection of random generators and other tools for pen-and-paper role-playing games. Check out all of these excellent generators. The reason for this post is to recommend their fifth edition spell list that can be accessed here:

5e Spell Sheet

You can quickly sort by class, level, which book it is in, etc. Also, if you click on the spell name you get a pop-up with the spells Casting Time, Range, Components, Duration, and (if it is in the SRD) a description. I find it easy to use and very helpful.

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Women in DnD: Changing the Face of Gaming

Woman make a group some much better.

Emily Harmon

“The release of Dungeons & Dragons 5e has ushered in a renaissance in tabletop gaming, resulting in an explosion of diverse new players rushing to the hobby, seeking an immersive storytelling experience. As women flood into gaming stores across the country, we need to reflect on how the DnD experience is evolving and how we can work together to shape the future of DnD.”

Read more at DiceEnvy.com:


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