Family Game Night (Magic)

I recently read some place that you should get you kids playing Magic and they won’t have money for drugs. This made me laugh till I saw the price of some of the Magic cards on display. Get the whole family involved and there goes Mommy and Daddy’s beer fund as well. Even though I saw the humor in this I didn’t think it was completely justified. We all don’t want to see our kids turn to drugs, but the act of providing overpriced cards for a game is a little over the top….. or is it?

For those of you that may know what this Magic game is I’ll give you my brief summary. Its full name is Magic the Gathering. A card collection and trading game first published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. The game pits 2 or more opponents against each other using a custom deck that they have built using the cards they have available to them. The games depict epic battles between wizards or what the rules call Planeswalkers using spells, creatures and artifact cards in their deck to defeat other opponents. You get stronger deck by purchasing individual cards or booster pack which you hope contain a possible rare card you desire. I don’t want to get to the actual mechanics of the game because this is not really what it is about.

I see this as another way to spend that much needed family time. Card games are fantastic ways to gather people around the table once the homework and chore list is complete. What I really like about this game is that it does have incredible challenges to it that will make participants think about strategy and tactics and have fun doing it. Family members build deck to their individual likes and dislikes making these battle decks reflective of their own personalities. The games are short so if you only have 30 minutes between two people to play which makes it perfect to break out and spend some quality time together. Since most comic games stores have a regular Magic night or Tournaments this makes for an awesome family night out. The cost is less than a movie and runs about the same cost as taking the family to Starbucks.

Kids and families getting involved socially with Magic doesn’t’ lead to texting and Instagram. Every comic style game store has a Magic the Gathering night. Safe social environments for people of all ages to come together and play a game. Yes all ages can play and they do.