Are Board Games Good For You? (An Exploration of Board Games, RPGs, and Tabletop Experiences)

This is an excellent article. Tabletop gaming in all forms can have a positive affect. One suggestion I would add is adding in a NO TECH night when you sit at the table together. For my family it has been so amazing that the kids…. yes the kids asked to add another no tech night for board games. Sitting around a table you should be engaged in the people and the game and not the virtual world of tech.

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Introduction: Are Board Games Good For You?

The video gaming world appears to be split into two. On one side of things, video games are often the centre of campaigns around suppressing the art form for reasons of ill repute. They are often called into light in the media, most notably by activists who claim the violence, drug use, and immoral behaviour expressed in some video games damages teenagers. On the other hand, video games have proven benefits including an increase in reaction time, to one study (source) claiming that playing video games daily can help increase cognitive function and grey matter development in the brain.

It is due to contrasting points of view, like the above, and studies that are not necessarily scientifically valid, that make it really difficult for anyone to argue whether video games are good for you or not. Like most things, it comes…

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Twilight Imperium: First Impressions – Diplomacy and Death Stars

I cannot say enough good things about this game. Luke reviewed this on the weekend and the review is awesome. Take a peek and see if the game is right for you.

Personally I love it. It does take a day to play or a place to leave the game up, which is what we normally do.

I rank this as one the my top 10 favorite games.

Thanks Luke for the review.


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At 9.30am on Saturday 3rd February 2018, we started playing Twilight Imperium for the first time. At 10.30pm on Saturday 3rd February, we finished. It is a big game.

IMG_0043-1209x1612.jpg Twilight Imperium board mid-game.

What is Twilight Imperium?

Twilight Imperium is a stellar conquest game for 3-6 players in which the players take control of a species of alien looking to find their own way in the universe. Throughout the game, they need to gain victory points through completing objectives about conquest, economy, diplomacy, or technology.

To facilitate these different types of playing experience, the game is split into a few rounds. First, you choose a tactical strategy for that game turn out of 8 special abilities – these give you the option to change how you play each round, with secondary abilities available to those who do not choose it. Next comes the actual tactical movement/building/strategising phase, in which players…

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