Happy New Year

Wanted to acknowledge this huge social community that it out there. From the Facebook game pages, discord channels and the family of folks on Twitter.


You are all amazing and have enriched my life this past year. Through you podcasts, blogs, art, streamed games, and friendships. Your creative talents and kindness have made this last year beautiful. Not to mention the thousands of dollars raised this year for various charities.

Some of you I’ve had the chance to play with this year, and if life calms down, I’ll get the chance to play with more of you in the next year.


With the new year coming in fast, I want to thank each of you for everything you do. Through the struggles and bad days, a lot of you have stood up for each other and supported those around you even when you down yourselves.

You bring joy and laughter to the world through everything you do.

With the New Year upon us I look forward to everything you will accomplish and share.

Happy New Year and all the best to you!


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