Curated Tools for 5E: Beyond Beyond’s Beta

Little Update regarding the D&D Beyond Beta.

The Black Coyote

d_n_d_beyond_screensho.png D&D Beyond Screenshot. (Fair-use)

With the ‘release’ of D&D Beyond, Wizard’s has finally taken 5e into the digital realm, full-force. As of this post, the Online tool for generating 5e content is currently in beta-phase and much like the system itself, a good deal of feedback and changes are expected to happen until the company officially releases the online tool.

The responses to D&D:BE(beta) have been mixed. As a friend of mine mentioned, some see the effort as too-little, too-late. Others find the pricing structure, forcing consumers to pay twice, both for hard-copy and identical online material, inherently troublesome in ways similar to the double-taxation fears of businesses the world over. But then there are many who are excited about the management tool all the same.

It’s worth noting that there a good deal of online resources that mimic most of the functionality of D&D Beyond that are…

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