The Emotional Rollercoaster of Four Days

Thought this was amazingly well written and it comes from the heart of a truly wonderful person in my book. If you are in the area of Peterborough, Ontario, please looking at making this Con a must do.

Aspiring Halfling

CW: In game referrence to child loss and suicide.

It’s been four months since I began the preparations to gather a committee of individuals to collaborate in running a new Gaming Convention in my small city of Nogojiwanong (Peterborough), Ontario. It’s been four days since we publicly announced we were running the convention.

Four days.

In this time we have received countless support and love from the general population of the tabletop and gaming community. However, as I run most of the social media accounts for UnCon currently until the board is more solidified, I have received a lot of hatred, too. So much hatred and doubt and questioning and general negativity.

Why would people be negative about beginning a new, safe and inclusive convention? There is always room for more safe places to game, in my opinion, there could never be enough of them! So what’s the issue with…

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