NewbieDM Review: Tomb of Annihilation

Take a moment and read this review. It’s extremely well done and the Author has done a great job. My own thoughts towards the adventure are that it’s right up there with Storm Kings Thunder. The major difference between TOA and SKT is that I’m very sure I will get to use the entire book for TOA.


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I’m going to get it out of the way before I even begin the review… I love Tomb of Annihilation. I think it is the best big adventure Wizards of the Coast has put out in the last decade, and it sets a high bar for future 5e adventures and stories. It’s 5e firing on all cylinders, with a rich and diverse world hosting an epic storyline filled with classic D&D tropes, monsters, and big bad evil bad guys.

Yes, I recommend it. Lets get to the review.


Tomb of Annihilation is WOTC’s latest hardcover, an epic 256 page pulp adventure set in the jungles of Chult, a mostly uncharted peninsula in the southern Forgotten Realms. It takes inspiration from classic D&D adventures like Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Isle of Dread, and the classic deathtrap Tomb of Horrors, which ties into this adventure in a big way. It also takes…

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