TTRPG Friends and Followers

Each one of you is special and if you are reading this you’ve made a positive impact in the world.

I’ve been play games for most of my life, minus my toddler years.

Over those decades, one thing I have always found is that people that play table top role playing games are some of the most accepting people on the planet.  They make space at the table for anyone who shows an interest in learning how to play.  They share their knowledge of different games and do so with passion.


Table top role players are not the average gamer.  They have made a hobby out of it.  Constantly trying out new games with a circle of friends, often writing their own content and rules to suit the various play styles.

The earlier years of Dungeon and Dragons you saw that strange group of people at your school.  Sometimes they were the outcasts and kids who never really fit into a certain social group.  But at a game table no one was left out.  Everyone was welcome.  College was the same a few decades ago, and if you were lucky enough to find a group sitting around a table you were welcome. They were more than happy to have you join.  When the groups became large, it split into two or three group but all played together.  They shared stories and laughed about their adventures.


Today you can see Wizards of the Coast with their pride banner saying everyone is accepted and welcome.   Game stores everywhere with Adventure League nights, and no one is turned away, and the people are amazing.


We live in a world that still has too much distrust and hatred for my liking.  Maybe people should play more games to together and spend less time on social media, I don’t really have an answer.  I can tell you that those people I have met through social media on Twitter and Facebook are some truly awesome folks who really care about their hobby and of other people.


I have never seen a person turned away from a table of gamers.  It doesn’t matter who you are and where you came from, there is a table ready for you. If you play a Kender you might get a few dirty looks.  No one likes those Kender things, and know that your party will kill you or you’ll be eaten by a troll.

I still have my friends from my first game and each year I have added more to the list.  These are my closet friends and nothing could every replace them.


Thank you for following and sharing your unique worlds of adventure.



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