Warforged & Clockworks

For those who loved Eberron or want to add in that Steampunk flavor to your game this is a must read.

The Black Coyote

Ever since the world of Eberron was created by Keith Baker, a veteran of the gaming industry, way back in 2002 as part of a WoTc Fantasy Setting search, I’ve had a particular fondness for one particular feature of this campaign world: the warforged.

The idea of living constructs as a playable race, with a well thought-out rationale for their existence to boot, is extremely appealing. Offering a blend of high-fantasy with a steam-punk feel, warforged are a great way to add modern and futuristic artifacts to any fantasy setting. Couched in the idea of recovered ‘tech’, warforged have just enough mystery to their origins that their existence in more traditional fantasy settings seem entirely plausible.

The great thing about the warforged as a race is that they have also ushered in a sea of home-brewed versions of the race, arcane and divine spells devoted towards their existence…

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