Comfort Zone

I don’t normally step out of my comfort zone of known players when it comes to DMing a game.  I have carefully picked each of them because I know they will get along with everyone in the group.  I run 4 groups and have moved people into the group that best suits their play style, and this has work very well over the years.  Each group does extremely well together.

This weekend I was invited to DM a live game streaming to twitchTV with people who I’ve only met through various social media.  I’ve been working on an adventure to publish on the DMGuild site for a while and was looking for people to actually play test it first.  I wanted to make sure that certain aspects of the adventure worked.  These folks thought it would be fun to do the playtest live.

Although a little apprehensive, I decided to give it try.  Most of the group has played together for a few years and one was driving 3 hours to join us.  No one had met this person before other than social media and an invite to a roll20 game I hosted with another DM for the CON they had last month.  @RichardGrzela was not only an extremely talented artist but his Hafling Ranger was a pleasure to have at the table and provided plenty of humor throughout the day.

To make a long story short, I was taken back by how amazing this group of people turned out to be.  4 out of 6 were from the @take20_DnD crew including their regular DM and were a ton of fun.  I had planned on a 4 hour session which turned into 6 hours because everyone was just incredible.   There is really something to be said for the gaming community as one of the most inviting and accepting groups of people I’ve ever interacted with.  Over the 38 years of DMing Dungeon and Dragons there have been perhaps 3 people out the thousands I’ve come in contact with including conventions that were bad apples.

I was very blessed as DM Saturday to have this group of players for 6 hours.  So much, I would like share with you their Part 1 of the day which they uploaded to Youtube.   So much fun that I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed this hard playing, and I hope you enjoy it as well.  The Take20_DnD crew did a great job hosting this event.

I think I may have to step out of the comfort zone more often.


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