38 Years of Adventure



So today shall be a bit of nostalgic day.  It was 38 years ago I walked into the Local Comic book store with a hand full of paper route money and some birthday cash.   I had waited for this day as it is my birthday, and I’ve always tried to treat myself to something I really wanted.

I was looking for a few comics I’d had my eye on.  I was a bit of a Batman and Green Lantern fan, and had them on hold till I could come up with the money.   I don’t’ remember the name of the store owner but he was really nice, and I was telling him it was my birthday and I had some left over money from my purchase and was just looking around.  He pointed to at this box he had just gotten in, and said it was some sort of game.   It had a huge dragon on it and some medieval types battling it.  It sure looked cool enough.  I had just finished reading the hobbit for the 2nd time and this seemed to fit in with that.


I took his advice and bought it.  I biked home and tossed it on my end table and quickly began reading my new comics before birthday guests arrived.  I was focused on reading those before anything.

I managed to finish the comics off rather fast and stood there staring at this new thing I had toss aside.  Sure look interesting so I removed the wrapping and took a look.  Inside I found a rule book and what they called an adventure.  There were strange dice and a crayon.  The crayon was used to fill in the numbers on the dice so you could read them.  Wow!

Needless to say it took several calls from mother to get my attention that the guests had started arriving.

So here I am, a half a century old and it’s been 38 years since I began my journey into different worlds with strange characters and beasts.

So what has 38 years of Dungeon and Dragons got me and why do I still play?  For starters I cannot possibly list the number of friends I’ve made playing this awesome game.  The fact that I’ve managed to include my present family into the tradition of shutting off our electronics and enjoying a night at the table of adventure in a total win for me.  There is a certain amount to pride a father feels when his daughters casts her first Fireball while his son’s barbarian is raging against a tribe of goblins.

I’ve spent 95% of my time behind the screen as a DM introducing new people to the game and playing with those have played before.  Each and every one of them has become part of a great story.  I can still see faces of those players who rolled their first 20.

I still make new friends today who share a love of the game.  This Saturday I will be DM play testing my first adventure to be published on the DM Guild Site later this year.  Still can’t believe I waited this long to actually write something for people to share.  It will be live on Twitch TV so watch my twitter account for an update.  @wadojeff   I’m doing this simply to give back to a community that has been awesome over the years.

There is not a lot of social activities that include stories of “remember when we battled that huge dragon” or saved the kingdom from the evil Ice Lich Queen.   My table has always been open to all who wish to partake in an adventure into a realm of fantasy and adventure.

38 years ago we were the nerds and outcasts of a different time.  The ones who hung in dark basements rolling up characters that over the next few decades would fill our hearts and minds with creative lessons on team work and fuel our life with laughter and memories that your just can’t compare to anything else.

Now Dungeon and Dragons is more of household name than I ever thought would be possible.  The game is used to help children with social difficulties and with the help of social media has brought players and Dungeon Masters from across the world together to join in and share ideas, play together on sites like Roll20 and FantasyGrounds and many more.


To Gary Gygax, I thank you for the last 38 years of adventure and memories.  Tonight I’ll be taking Your “Keep on the Borderlands” to my table and enjoying it once again.


2 thoughts on “38 Years of Adventure

  1. I’m of a similar vintage, both in age and RPG experience and what you’ve written reminds me of how lucky I am to still be playing with many of the friends I’ve made battling the githyanki, brokering peace with the kobolds and, just once, charging a prismatic sphere because “the character has no idea what it is…”. I look forwards to seeing your module and wish you all the best. Happy Birthday!


    1. Thanks Matthew! It’s amazing how many of us from this era that are still playing with the same friends we had so many years and bring the tradition to the table with our kids.

      I’m of the belief that there is nothing better to bring friends closer and create bonds that last decades than an adventure like no other.




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