DnD Beyond – First Impressions

logoWelcome to the first day of Beta for DnD Beyond.

This is the highly anticipated digital resource for use with the 5th Edition rules for Dungeon and Dragons which began Phase 1 beta today.  Brought to you by Wizards of the Coast and Curse/Twitch.

I had a little difficulty logging in when I had to merge my Twitch and Curse account.  There was a further stall being asked to create a new user name which I didn’t have to do, but it seemed to be wanting it.  Took about 10 minutes to figure out how to actually log in.  I was not the only one who was frustrated with trying to log in but with a little patience’s it was well worth it.  I know they are working through the login bugs.

At a first glance I was very impressed.

This is just Phase 1 and you will access to the Compendium, Spells, Items, Monsters and the of course the Forums.   I going to make this a quick overview so I can get back to exploring this new resource.

welcome screen

Each area is done in an easy searchable fashion which I will do my best to show off.

The Compendium provides with a highly accessible library of rules.  From Adventuring to basic Equipment list.  It is arranged nicely and subjects were easy to find.  I do think it would have been nice to have this area searchable with Key Words.  That was a disappointment.

comp screen

Getting into the Spell section I was struck with the awesome resource this could be.  All your spells were searchable by Name, Level, Spell Tags (Healing, Utility, etc.) and casting time.  You could just click on your favorite class and the complete spell list for that class show up and further organize them by level, name etc.

Spell screen

I was going to show off the magic missile spell but at the last minutes changed my mind.  I’m the DM so I can do that.

Spell example screen

Items takes you to a huge list of Magic Items which can be separated by Potions, Wands or +1 to +3 magic items.  Once again all searchable with ease.  I was a little disappointed I could not search by School of magic.  Otherwise I was left with a positive smile.

Item example screen

Monster selection was my addiction today.  Dungeon Masters love monsters and monster love them. Having a super searchable instance array of beast was awesome.  You can search by CR level which is very handy as well as terrain type made this my favorite area. The only disappointing thing I found here was the lack of pictures or monster art.  I think having that extra visual would have made jump with glee.

monster example screen

I quickly looked the Ancient Black Dragon to see the layout.  Everything you need was there and more.

monster example Black Dragon

Phase 2 they will introducing Character management.  D&D Insider did this very well so they should have an excellent base to work from.

What I really need is a good campaign manager.  Something I can load up encounters and have them at the ready.  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this here.

So far I’m impressed with my little tour and please check it.


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