Personal Intro

Captains Log…..

I wanted to start this blog thing off with a brief history of how it came to be.

In a galaxy far far away a child saved up some hard earned paper route money and purchased a Red Box set containing some rule books, a bunch of odd shaped dice and something called an adventure module.   The rumor on the street this guy named Gary Gygax had made some kind of new game and everyone was talking about it.  Armed with my new set of rules and strange dice I collected a group of likeminded friends and sat down and using some graph paper and pencils we made some weird characters.  With swords, daggers and a magic missile spell we set off for the “Keep on the Borderlands”.  The rest is history.

Our little group advanced through the years growing in size with new books and more advanced game play.  By the time we hit High School we logged thousands of hours of play.  War Games produced by Avalon Hill were introduced and our last year in High School we had achieved our school legacy with the War Games Club.  It still operates today but has mostly become a Magic the Gathering club.  Still, it’s still there after more than 30 years.

I moved to a different city across the country after High School and it didn’t’ take long to find people to play with.  College was a hug resource for all types of game players and I was introduced to even more games with the different groups.  By graduation I could have taught a course on tabletop gaming. Side note: might have to start this one day.

There was not a day that I didn`t have some sort of RPG/Tabletop group going.  With the internet in full affect getting access to information was even better.  Like all good things the internet brought with it some bad things as well.  Soon our close group of friends turned to the computers for entertainment.  Meeting at one of our houses became “you should go get this new online game (Example: GAG….Everquest) and meet us online for the weekend”.  Yes, I succumbed to the draw of grinding hordes of rats with the world to gain level 2.  Lost were the magical stories and unforgettable moments of problem solving as a group in imaginary lands we created in our heads and drew out of paper and pencils.  There were no town’s people to save, a princess in need and new galaxies to explore.  Just line up those monster so I can get to level 3.   I really missed the sitting around the table and not only playing as a group but solving the world’s problems at the same time.  We interacted with each other and laughed and joked and rolled epic fumbles.

It took a few years but eventually we all gather around the table once again.  Lots of new tabletop games were added to our collection and Dungeon and Dragons became a household favorite once again. Which brings us to present day.  I done a few odd things in my life and have often been referred as the geek of my working establishments. But I’m most noted for the Geek Dad.  I have two really awesome kids and they have both grown up with games. I’m also blessed with a really amazing geek wife who loves comic book villains and Tiefling Bards.  One of the promises I made to myself is that I would raise the kids with board games.  From UNO to Small World and now Dungeon and Dragons as well.   We have a strange household rule to most modern families.  We call it no Tech night!  Yes it can happen and all it takes is to have everyone to turn off phones, TV’s and game consoles, sit down at the table to play a game.  You would be amazed at the result in not only fostering your kids creative side and problem solving ability but how these games bring back family time and encourage family bonding.  The family game of choice of course D&D but we also play a lot of others as well too numerous to list.

My true sole mission is bring back family/friends game night across the world and turn off all the tech stuff and truly interact with each other.   There are far too many rewards that we miss out on that youtube and facebook don’t offer.  It is all too easy to invite a bunch of people over so we can all look at our phones.  Through this blog I hope to reach out to other families and groups of friends and encourage them to put a day of the week aside and gather around the table to partake in your own epic quests.

I hope that you all find that adding up your gold and experience is far more rewarding than counting “Likes”.

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