Intro Bio

Greetings and Welcome.

What this blog type stuff will be about is anything that comes to mind.  I’ll share my adventures and also review games that I have played and enjoyed.  I will post what has worked and what doesn’t and these will be solely based on my own experience and may not be useful to others.  Take what you want!

I’ve been a RPG and Tabletop gamer for almost 40 years.  I got my start with the original Red Box Basic D&D set and never looked back.   I’ve played numerous RPG with some the favorites being Traveller, Rune Quest, Star Wars RPG, War Hammer and the list goes on.  I have been a DM for over 30 years.  I’ve created worlds and destroyed worlds.  The most endearing qualities of RPG’s is the endless possibilities.  What I truly wish to promote bringing back family/friends game nights.

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